Skin and Bones

„Skin and Bones“ written by Keir Nicoll

Keir Nicoll guitar and vocals. Austin Thomas Mandolin


Verse 1
Let me fucking breath, Let me just skin my teeth
On worldy loves and apple seeds
Let the poison run, Round the dorsel of my tongue

Verse 2
And it’s
Down town, Down the road
Making moves fast and slow
To were it’s green we’ll maybe go
Time waits for men, Don’t let them tell you different

Slow you down, Heavy thoughts can kill a man
You’ll be on the ground while the crows fly in.

Down to your skin and bones
We have a common goal
That thought that’s in your head
Might be what kills you dead

Verse 3
We fake everyday, Things we can’t communicate
And every seaming sullen gape
In conversation is a hell, We can never rightly tell

Verse 4
Across the
Borders of different minds
We all have our own designs
We all make plans of how our times
Will be spent around the girth
And all the wideness of the Earth


Middle 8
But down to your Ice Cream bones, No words lay heavy on your soul
No harvest seasons roll, No lilly’s left to bloom and grow
Nobody’s getting old, nobody left to fester, going crazy over your heavy load
You lay there and think of how you were young once
You skated on the crowd you were once
Your crazyness led tackwards down to the bathroom floor
If we slip from the grip of all heavy handed words
and we go bloody slow from all violence we’ve incurred
Will we be sound going down from all the games we’ve had to play
Or will we fight for the right to head back the other way


….You’ll be out there on the ocean

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